Establishment of Special Subcommittee on Green Campus, China Green Building Council


On May 21st 2010, the Special Subcommittee on Green Campus of China Green Building Council was established in the Swedish Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo. Chairman of China GBC Prof. WANG Youwei, Vice Chairman Prof. WU Zhiqiang, Secretary-General Ms. ZOU Yanqing, Secretary-General Mr. WANG Qingqin, and Secretary-General Ms. LI Ping attended the inauguration meeting. In the addresses, Chairman Prof. WANG Youwei asked the green campus subcommittee to focus on hot research fields through carrying on research projects, holding influential symposiums, organizing training, setting up industry standard, and at the same time to developing international cooperation networks, learning advanced experience, especially undertaking responsibility between the Green Building cooperation between China and U.S. On the meeting, vice chairman of ChinaGBC, Prof.WU Zhiqiang from Tongji University was appointed as the director of the Green Campus Subcommittee, Academician Prof. HE Jingtang from South China University of Technology was appointed as the advisor, Professor Shi Tiemao,Vice President of Shenyang Jianzhu University and Prof. WU Yongfa, Dean of College of Architecture and Art, HeFei University of Technology were appointed as vice director. And the appointment of 16 members and 2 assistants was also announced at the meeting.

In his inaugural speech, Professor Wu Zhiqiang addressed future tasks of the Green Campus Committee in six aspects, namely one website, two symposiums or forums each year, three-level textbooks respectively for primary school, secondary school and university students, four evaluation standards including technology, management, education and action, international cooperation in five regions including Nordic, Central Europe, Southern Europe, East Asia and North America, 100 best practice cases database on green campus. Afterwards, other members expressed their full support and participation for the committee, and offered suggestions for future development of the committee.

Chairman of ChinaGBC, Prof. WANG Youwei gave adresses on the inauguration meeting

Vice Chairman Prof. WU Zhiqiang gave a inaugural speech

Members of China Green Campus Committee took a photo together at the platform of the Sweden Paviliion after the meeting

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