Green Campus for Our Common Future!

Today, Green Building has become a globally recognized notion and Green Campus is becoming the major direction in the course of Green Building development over the world. A human-centered new Urbanization is taking place over China and Intelligent City is the focal point in this course. Green Campus can be a driving force for intelligent urbanization by providing the best experimental and demonstration sites for Intelligent City construction and being an important part of energy conservation in the course. Against this background, China Green Building Council, together with universities and institutes worldwide, takes the initiative to establish the International Green Campus Alliance. Green Campus Committee of CGBC is the major coordinator of the Alliance. The Alliance aims to make all universities, colleges, middle and primary schools involved in the global urbanization research, to strengthen cooperation and exchanges among them in the field of Green Campus construction and to support the energy-efficiency technological innovation, joint R&D, and promotion for campus facilities and the neighboring communities. Accomplishments of Green Campus will be taken in into the broader intelligent urbanization research and future leadership for campus energy conservation and emission reduction is nurtured here.

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