Tenets of International Green Campus Alliance


Initiated by primary schools, middle schools, higher education institutes, international organizations and enterprises all over the world, International Green Campus Alliance is established on profound researches and full consultation. IGCA’s commitment includes: to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges among all universities and colleges, primary and middle schools in the field of green campus construction; to take leadership in and promoting the sustainable development of international green campuses; to enhance the innovative, joint researches on and promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies for campus infrastructures and their surrounding communities; to provide policy and technical support to national and local governments in various countries for their construction and management of Green Campus and Smart City, and to train talents for campus energy saving and emission reduction.

Signing on the Tenets of IGCA implies a public commitment of the Signatory or Signatory Institute to promote campus sustainable operation, researches and education in future. The Signatory or Signatory Institute hence is committed to:

  1. full implementation and compliance with the Three Tenets of IGCA;
  2. with joint efforts ,strengthening exchanges, integrating resources and fulfilling the specific goals prescribed under the Three Tenets;
  3. delivering open and periodic reports concerning the work progress in the following three aspects of the signatory or signatory institute.

TENET ONE: Promoting the green transformation of campus construction

Green Campus provides a key strategic convergence where individual green buildings could evolve into green communities and smart cities. Environmental friendly philosophies, including energy conservation, water conservation, material conservation and land conservation should be actively implemented in both new construction and reconstruction process of campuses, to give our next generation the privilege of green environment.

TENET TWO: Promoting green transformation of the cities based on green campuses

Campuses are space systems spreading all over cities, and can function as the source for the entire renewal of cities. Green campus, with its transitional scale between green buildings and green cities, can represent green communities as a demonstration. Greening the city starts from greening the campuses. Therefore, construction of green campus network can push forward the green transformation of the cities.

TENET THREE: Shaping the green value in next generation

Implanting green values into our next generation is the ultimate goal of Green Campus construction. IGCA, with essential technical support from information clouds, could provide Green Campus cases sharing, strengthen exchanges of green education experience, and through green campus courses and a variety of activities, contribute to the healthy growth of next generation, the future guardians for this planet’s sustainability.

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