240 colleges and universities gather in national college students' green campus concept design competition


The second "National College Student Green Campus Concept Design Competition" hosted by our college has been completed as of the registration stage. The theme of this competition is "Old Campus • New Vitality". The competition is sponsored by the Green Campus Group of the China Green Building and Energy Conservation Professional Committee (referred to as the China Green Building Council), the National Architectural Teaching Instruction Sub-Committee, and the Urban and Rural Planning Specialty Guided by the Committee and the Landscape Architecture Professional Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee.

Since the announcement of the competition notice, the competition has received a positive response from universities and international institutions across the country. Registration for the competition closed on November 30. A total of 1705 groups and 5086 students participated in the competition. They came from 240 domestic and foreign universities and colleges, and their coverage reached 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide.

In September 2019, after the final confirmation of the competition theme and content, led by Dean Wu Yongfa, our institute successively issued competition notices in major construction core journals, construction websites, WeChat public accounts and other media across the country. At the same time, the organizer also made extensive presentations at professional conferences such as the "2019 National Academic Symposium on Architectural Education in Colleges and Universities and the Dean and Dean's Conference" held by Southwest Jiaotong University in October.

The Teaching Steering Committee for Architectural Majors of the Ministry of Education was established in November 2018, and the first plenary session of the Teaching Steering Committee was held on January 8, 2019 in the School of Architecture of Southeast University. The chairman of the architectural professional teaching steering committee is Academician Wang Jianguo, and the Deputy Chairman is Academician Wu Zhiqiang, Academician Meng Jianmin, Academician Liu Jiaping, and Professor Yang Rui. Architectural teaching instruction committee consists of three teaching instruction sub-committees: architecture, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture. This competition is the first national competition to be held since the establishment of the Teaching Steering Committee for Architectural Professionals. The competition was launched at the annual meeting of the Green Campus Group of the China Green Building and Energy Conservation Committee at the "15th International Conference on Green Buildings and Building Energy Conservation" held in Shenzhen in May 2019. Deadline is December 30th, expert review and award information release will be carried out at the end of February 2020. (Specific time may be adjusted depending on the epidemic situation)


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