The Second National College Student Green Campus Concept Design Competition


Contest organizer: Green Campus Group of China Green Building and Energy Conservation Committee

Competition Guidance:

  • Architectural Teaching Instruction Subcommittee
  • Urban and Rural Planning Specialty Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee
  • Landscape Architecture Professional Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee

Organizer: Golden Mantis School of Architecture, Soochow University

Contest support: Beijing Green Construction Software Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guzhi Wood Material Co., Ltd.

Competition theme: New vitality on the old campus

Buildings and the environment on campus are an important part of school education, and play a special role in school education activities. The quality of the building and environmental space on the campus has a subtle influence on students, so it is particularly important to convey the idea of sustainable development through the campus environment. Achieving a sustainable campus is of demonstrative significance to the entire society. It is not only an important carrier of quality education in schools, but also gradually becomes an effective way of environmental education in the new situation.

Based on the "people-oriented" concept of sustainable green campus development, the competition explores and explores sustainable green transformation and innovation strategies in campus buildings and the environment. This year's "Old Campus New Vitality" design competition aims to solicit innovative designs and feasibility strategies that help improve the architecture and environment of the old campus, achieve sustainable development of the old campus, and give the old campus new vitality.

Through this competition, we strive to achieve the following goals: Participation-attract more students and encourage them to become participants in sustainable development of the campus environment; Incentives-motivate students to demonstrate achievable goals and strategies for achieving sustainable development; Share-Share design concepts and related knowledge for sustainable campus development.

Participants selected the buildings and environment of the existing real old campus as the object of the update design by themselves. Through the setting of one or more themes, combined with the campus learning and living scenes and operating rules, they strengthened the experience in the design, encouraged innovation, and realized The vitality of the old campus building and environment is reappeared. The design concepts include but are not limited to the following areas, such as achieving sustainable lifestyles on the old campus through innovative design, improving the daily operational efficiency of buildings and the environment on the old campus, and improving people's perception of the campus as a community place.

software support: Beijing Green Construction Software Co., Ltd. will provide related green building simulation software for free to use in this competition.

Outcome requirements: The entries are typeset into two A1 plates, mounted on a hard board, and the pixel accuracy of the electronic file is greater than 350dpi. The entries are burned to a CD and sent to the designated address together.

Participants: Full-time students (undergraduate or graduate students) in architecture, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture majors across the country participate individually or in groups. Team can consist of up to 4 members and 2 instructors Success, each team must designate a primary contact.

Participants are required to fill out a registration receipt form (http: // to download), and submit the entry plan on time after registration. Entries are non-refundable. Participants are requested to make their own backup. The copyright belongs to the organizing committee.

Competition judges: The members of the jury are composed of directors, deputy directors, and members of the teaching steering committees of various disciplines.

Awards and bonuses (before tax): 1 Grand Prize, RMB 10,000 3 first prizes, 5,000 yuan 5 second prizes, RMB 3,000 10 third prizes, 1,000 yuan in prize money Several awards for outstanding works The winners will be awarded award certificates and prizes by the competition organizer in conjunction with the various teaching steering committees. The winning scheme will be officially published by China Construction Industry Press.

Competition schedule: Registration deadline: November 30, 2019 Call for proposals: December 30, 2019 (Subject to the postmark at the place of delivery) Scheme review and award release: end of February 2020

Contact details:
Teacher Fei: (0512) 65880208, 13861331598,
Teacher Zhao: 13814839421, Fax: (0512) 65880187
Mailing address: Golden Mantis School of Architecture, Suzhou University Dushu Lake Campus, No. 199 Ren'ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Postcode: 215123

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